Playable Concepts

Standard Character Types

  • Solar Exalted
  • Lunar Exalted
  • Sidereal Exalted

Special Character Types
Abyssal Exalted
1) Few Abyssal Exalted qualify. The need to further the cause of the DeathLords leads to quick & visible amounts of Resonance. However, Abyssals traveling with the Iron Vulture to further other goals would seem the mostly like.
2) Through full of Resonance, a rare Abyssal looking for redemption would work also.
Alchemical Exalted
1) Tricky as Dragon-Blooded are not a powerful as the other Exalted directly, their access to Backgrounds freely. Outcastes use
Dragon King
Fair Folk
???, Mountain Folk

Banned Character Types
Infernal Exalted
If not listed, it probably is not going to be able to keep up with the other PCs.

Playable Concepts

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