Timeline, Official Exalted and Iron Vulture History

Normal Type = Official Exalted History
Bold Type = Iron Vulture History

RY Pre-Usurpation

  • In The South of Creation, a thriving bay city with spires of glass and steel on the bay protected by huge mountainous cliffs. It is renamed in honor of the Solar that rules & centers her forces from here. The city is named ‘Cape Suzette’.
  • The Iron Vulture regularly transports Legions of Dragon-Blooded Soldiers in The South, The East and The River Province (later called The Scavenger Lands.)

RY -1200

  • The Usurpation happens.
  • The fierce battle on the Iron Vulture ends with Solar Karnage flushing the bomb-bay doors with all the Dragon-Blooded and their allies. And her along with it, falling an unimaginable height to their deaths. Lunar Karnage takes his crew & ship and fades into history.

RY -1

  • The Seventh Legion, under the command of Chumyo Nefvarin Gilshalos, arrives at Deheleshen to discover it has been razed by the Fair Folk. The legion bivouacs there and, following the final command of the region’s daimyo, begins to fortify its position.

RY 1

  • The Great Contagion ends.
  • The Scarlet Empress turns the fair folk back using the Realm Defense Grid.
  • The Realm is founded.

RY 3

  • Construction begins on the Imperial City.

RY 12

  • The Scarlet Empress forms the All-Seeing Eye, which leads to creation & organization of the Wyld Hunt.
  • The Wyld Hunt causes the Iron Vulture to change her tactics. From the ghost ship that hits hard every few years, her Captain reinvents her mythos as a ragtag gang of low-grade pirates that bumble through capers.

RY 20

  • Construction begins on the city of Lookshy in the ruins of Deheleshen by the Seventh Legion.

RY 40

  • The Realm’s Legion’s are reestablished.

RY 52

  • The Council of Entities takes control of Nexus

RY 57-76

  • The Realm invades the Scavenger Lands, facing brutal guerrilla resistance. The Occupation ends with Lookshy’s Seventh Legion defeating the Realm’s Fourth legion.

RY 88-89

  • The last invasion of the Scavenger Lands by the Realm, again ending with the Realm’s defeat at the hands of Lookshy’s Seventh Legion.

RY 95

  • In the Scavenger lands the League of Many Rivers is formed, including Lookshy, Nexus, Sijan, and many other cities of the Scavenger Lands. This serves to ease trading through the scavenger land, as well as dissuade armed action by the Realm.

RY 99

  • The Guild is formed from merchants in all corners of the Threshold.

RY 103

  • The Realm Deliberative is formed by the Scarlet Empress.

RY 301

  • House Iselsi sponsors an invasion of the Scavenger Lands, which is defeated by the League of Many Rivers.

RY 303

  • After its attempted invasion of the Scavenger Lands, House Iselsi attempts a coup against the Scarlet Empress. This fails out of hand. House Iselsi is diminished, relegated to the status of servants of the Scarlet Empress.

RY 763

  • The Scarlet Empress disappears during Calibration.
  • The Jade Prison is opened by the Yozis.

RY 764

  • Thorns is conquered by the Mask of Winters

RY 768

  • Current day.

Timeline, Official Exalted and Iron Vulture History

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